Semi Electric Paper Cutting Machine

Our innovative Paper Cutting Machine has been Designed For Various Cutting Applications. Designed with all metal durable body, small foot print, simple and easy to use and user friendly, practically no skill required.

Paper cutting machine, built with international safety standard, IR sensor, Single Cutting Cycle and two hand push button operations ensuring operational safety. The equipment is design with electronic operated clamp with variable pressure system to ensure accurate cutting performance. The machine has been designed for production use.

  • Finest Saftey Standards : Our Machine Has Indias First And Most Effective Safety Standards, Equipped With Hi-tech Safety Standards Like Infrared Sensors, Single Cutting Cycle, And Two Push Button Operations For Ensuring Appropriate Safety Of The Operator.

  • User-friendliness : Operating System Which Provides Ease To Operator To Accomplish High Volume And Low Volume Jobs.

  • Finest Cutting Performance : Designed With Electronic Operated Clamp With Variable Pressure System And Electronically Operated Knife To Ensure Finest Cutting Performance.

  • Superior Operational Experience : High Quality Alloy Blade For Superior Operational Experience.

  • Cutting Width :- 20” / Cutting Height:- 2.5”

Dimension          Power                                                                                                    

Width   : 38"       Total Amp.       : 4 AMP
Length : 40"        Total K.W/KVA  : 1 KW
Weight : 300 KG