Accurate Pasting Machine

This machine is conceptual solution for making album/book block in precise manners. It makes album /book binding operation user friendly with accurate bonding of back of album which is an ideal alternate of non economical glid'O technology.

  • Precisely fitted round bar in pasting section allows even and accurate binding of album/book.

  • Hot / Cold pasting can be done in one pasting unit makes enable to use any type of Hot or cold gumming sheet or even back to back pasting.

  • The Unique heating system in oven provide even and appropriate temperature which prevent the album from overheating and color spreading.

Dimension          Power                                                                                                                      

Height  : 55"        Power Supply   : 220 V (with pneumatic)
Width   : 60"        Total Amp.       : 28 AMP
Length : 39"        Total K.W/KVA  : 5 KW
Weight : 250 KG